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over 30 years of true love for the green

Our history

For over thirty years our nurseries are one of the flagship of Pistoia nursery.

In the 80s our family-run company was created by the brothers Francesco and Federico.

Dedication to work, love for the land and technological research in the field of nursery, allow the company a strong expansion in the 90s.

The expression of the company is the continuous supervision of the father of Francesco and Federico, central element of the company.

In the company’s path the company grows and evolves on the Italian markets thanks to the very high quality value of Etruria Piante production.


Our garden centres

Always active in the field of technological research and its implementation, our company has always combined the knowledge given by history and new technologies that help to evolve and improve the final product.

Advanced techniques and instrumentation

Innovative techniques and cutting-edge tools allow us to remain competitive on the market and offer the best quality solution to our customers


Our strength is customer service, know-how, labels, shipping.


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